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  1. The Hindu Monthly GK PDF: November 2019

  2. Free-Books: SBI & IBPS special Banking Awareness [PDF]

  3. SSC CGL 2011 Tier-1 Solved Maths Paper PDF

  4. SSC CGL 2012 Tier-2 Solved Maths Paper PDF

  5. SSC CGL 2013 Tier-2 Solved Maths Paper PDF

  6. SSC CGL 2015 Tier-2 Solved Maths Paper PDF

  7. SSC CGL 2014 Tier-2 Solved Maths Paper PDF

  8. Aman Vashishth English Grammar Class Notes [PDF]

  9. 75 Important Computer Questions for SBI IBPS [PDF]

  10. Blood Relation Questions and Tricks [PDF] – Must

  11. Free-Book: KD Campus SSC CGL Tier-1 Mock Tests [PDF]

  12. Free-Book: Objective General English By R.S Aggarwal [PDF]

  13. SSC CHSL 2018 Question Papers with Answer Keys [PDF] – Hindi

  14. SSC CHSL 2018 Question Papers with Answer Keys [PDF]

  15. Free-Book: Download Lucent General Science 2019 [PDF]

  16. Best Shortcut Tricks For Percentage Problems [PDF]

  17. Technologies & Terms Used in INTERNET BANKING [PDF]

  18. Free-Book: Vocab Pro by Aman Vashishth [PDF]

  19. Free-Book: Indian History PDF & Indian Movements [Eng]

  20. Free-Book: Objective General English by S. P. Bakshi [PDF]

  21. English Error Spotting Questions and Answers [PDF]

  22. Download RRB Group D 2018 Paper Question PDF in Hindi

  23. Download RRB Group D 2018 Paper Question and Answers PDF

  24. Important Notes from Indian Constitution in Hindi [PDF]

  25. Must Download Science Capsule PDF for 2019 in Hindi [PDF]

  26. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: February 2019 [Download PDF]

  27. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: January 2019 [Download PDF]

  28. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: December 2018 [Download PDF]

  29. SSC Solved Square & Cube Root Previous Year Questions [PDF]

  30. Exclusive 75 Physics Questions PDF with Solutions for RRB ALP Stage-2 [PDF]

  31. Exclusive 75 Maths Questions PDF with Solutions for RRB ALP Stage-2 [PDF]

  32. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: November 2018 [Download PDF]

  33. Important Govt. Schemes, January – October 2018 [PDF]

  34. English Vocabulary Capsule PDF for Competitive Exams

  35. Best Physics Notes in English for Railway and SSC [PDF]

  36. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: October 2018 [Download PDF]

  37. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: September 2018 [Download PDF]

  38. SSC CGL 2017 Polity Questions PDF [ English & Hindi]

  39. NCERT Modern History of India Short Notes PDF

  40. Free Concept Math Notes on Area and Perimeter [PDF]

  41. New Tricks to Remember Vocabulary for SSC [PDF]

  42. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: August 2018 [Download PDF]

  43. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: July 2018 [Download PDF]

  44. Free-Book: Lucent Computer Book in Hindi [PDF Download]

  45. January to August 2018 Latest Current Affairs GK [PDF]

  46. Download Static GK PDF for SSC CGL 2018 in English [PDF]

  47. The Hindu Vocabulary Word List for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  48. Distance and Direction Sense Question and Answer PDF

  49. GK Power Capsule for Railway RRB Exam 2018 in Hindi [PDF]

  50. GK Power Capsule for Railway RRB Exam 2018 in English [PDF]

  51. Geometry Notes PDF with 230 Lines & Angles Questions [PDF]

  52. Most Asked GK Questions in Railway RRB Exams in Hindi [PDF]

  53. Download 550 Question Answer GK PDF in Hindi

  54. Important Current Affairs PDF June 2018

  55. The Hindu GK Review of the Month: June 2018 [Download PDF]

  56. Indian Geography PDF in Hindi for Competitive Exams

  57. General Knowledge 2018 GK PDF in Hindi for Competitive Exams

  58. Books and Author PDF for SSC and Bank Exams 2018

  59. Top Geography Objective Questions with Images in Hindi [PDF]

  60. Antonyms SSC CGL CHSL Previous Papers Book Free Download PDF

  61. Awards and Honours 2018 PDF – All in One Categories

  62. English Parajumbles PDF for IBPS & SBI PO Exams

  63. Shortcuts on Time Speed and Distance PDF for SSC CGL

  64. Free-Book: Lucent GK PDF Download [English & Hindi]

  65. Download A to Z List of Idioms and Phrases PDF

  66. Subject Wise 2000+ Important Questions MCQ for SSC Exams [PDF]

  67. Ultimate Solar System Notes for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  68. Download 15 Years Polity Questions Asked in SSC Exams [PDF]

  69. Free-Book: 500 Synonyms and Antonyms MCQs [PDF]

  70. 736 One Word Substitutions List for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  71. Download Indian History PDF for Competitive Exams GK

  72. Acid, Bases and Salts Science Notes with Exercises [PDF]

  73. Blood Relations Tricks & Notes for SSC, SBI, IBPS [PDF]

  74. KD Campus Test Series Free PDF Download – 2018

  75. Hindi GK Tricks by Nitin Gupta Part-1 [PDF Download]

  76. Vedic Maths Tricks Handwritten Notes [PDF Download]

  77. All in One Vocabulary for SSC, IBPS, Railways Exams 2018 [PDF]

  78. Atlas World Map and GK – 4th Edition – PDF Download

  79. Commonwealth Games 2018 GK – India’s Medals & Records [PDF]

  80. SSC CGL 2018 Corrigendum Notice on May 31, 2018 [PDF]

  81. Updated List of CJIs, CMs and Governers of India 2018 [GK PDF]

  82. Maths ALGEBRA Formula PDF by Mayank Verma [PDF]

  83. English Grammar PDF Rules by VK Patel in Hindi

  84. Word Power Made Easy Book Full Short Notes [PDF]

  85. Top 100 Solved Questions on Number System [PDF]

  86. 10,000 GK India & World Questions Answers 2018 [PDF]

  87. Geography Booster Study Notes for SSC CGL 2018 [PDF]

  88. Mahatma Gandhi Study Notes & Previous Year MCQ [PDF]

  89. Highly Important Ancient Indian History (प्राचीन भारतीय इतिहास) Notes [PDF]

  90. Best General Science Question Bank SSC CGL 2018 [PDF]

  91. Rakesh Yadav Percentage Class Notes with 84 Examples [PDF]

  92. AVERAGE Notes & Shortcut Tricks SSC CGL 2018 [PDF]

  93. Free-Book: How to Solve English by A. K. Singh [PDF]

  94. 800 General Awareness Questions for 2018 Exams [PDF]

  95. Maths Trigonometry Notes Formulas Questions [PDF]

  96. SSC CGL 2017 Tier-3 Exam Date Announced [PDF]

  97. SSC CGL 2018 Official Corrigendum Notice – Download PDF

  98. Top 100 Sports GK Questions for Competitive Exams 2018 [PDF]

  99. Free-Book: Idioms & Phrasal Verbs for SSC [PDF]

  100. April 2018 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [Download PDF]

  101. March 2018 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [Download PDF]

  102. Maths Shortcut Tricks for Square Calculation [PDF Download]

  103. Free Download YOJANA Magazine APRIL 2018 [ PDF ]

  104. SSC CGL 2018 Official Notice – Download PDF

  105. Free-Book: Competitive Mathematics by Akash Tripathi [PDF]

  106. Maths Notes for CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS [English & Hindi PDF]

  107. Free-Book: 15 Previous Year GK GS Questions of SSC CGL, CHSL [PDF]

  108. Geometry Math Class Notes in Hindi [PDF Download]

  109. English Words Vocabulary Memory Booster Capsule [PDF]

  110. RRB Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) QUESTION BANK Book [PDF]

  111. SSC CHSL 2016 Nomination List [Central Region] – PDF

  112. GA Power Booster for SSC, Railway RRB ALP & Group ‘D’ [PDF] in English

  113. Biology Handwritten Class Notes in Hindi [PDF]

  114. Free-Book: Math’s Mirror Volume-2 in English [PDF Download]

  115. 9000 GK GS Questions for SSC CGL, CHSL, RRB [PDF]

  116. Free-Book: Compound Interest Study Notes Shortcuts by Math’s Mirror [PDF]

  117. Most Important GK Tricks in Hindi with 3000 MCQs [PDF]

  118. Free-Book : Complete General Studies Rakesh Yadav [PDF Download]

  119. GA Power Booster for SSC, Railway RRB ALP & Group ‘D’ [PDF]

  120. Static General Awareness PDF with 250 One Liner [PDF]

  121. Free Reasoning Hindi Class Notes Rakesh Yadav [PDF]

  122. SSC JE 2017 Revised Vacancy LIst [PDF]

  123. Gyaanpeeth Purashkar (ज्ञानपीठ पुरस्कार ) Awards Important GK [PDF]

  124. Ultimate 500 General Science MCQs in Hindi [PDF]

  125. Quiz-4: General Science Questions for RRB ALP Group D [PDF]

  126. Advance Math Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL [PDF Download]

  127. Static GK PDF Capsule for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  128. Best Handwritten Math Shortcuts Tricks in Hindi [PDF]

  129. Free-Book: Tricky Arithmetic By Sunil Kharub [PDF]

  130. Ultimate English Grammar Handwritten Full Notes [PDF]

  131. GK Tricks in Hindi – Free Ebook [PDF]

  132. RRB Quantitative Aptitude Sure Shot Questions in Hindi [PDF]

  133. Important English Grammar Notes in Hindi – Download PDF

  134. Free-Book: Algebra Study Notes Shortcuts by Math’s Mirror [PDF]

  135. Maths Shortcut Tricks Book – PDF Download

  136. 285 A to Z Computer Full Forms & Terms [PDF]

  137. SSC CPO 2013 Solved Previous Year Question Paper [PDF]

  138. Free-Book: Profit & Loss Study Notes Shortcuts PDF by Math’s Mirror

  139. Free-Book: Best General Knowledge for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  140. SSC CPO CISF SI 2013 Previous Year Question Paper [PDF]

  141. Free-Book: Percentage Study Notes Shortcuts by Math’s Mirror [PDF]

  142. SSC CPO CISF SI 2015 Previous Year Question Paper [PDF]

  143. Free-Book: Number System Class Notes by Math’s Mirror [PDF]

  144. SSC CPO CISF SI 2015 Previous Year Question Paper [PDF]

  145. 85 Page English Grammar Capsule with Rules Tricks [PDF]

  146. Free-Book: Paramount Biology Notes for RRB ALP Exam [PDF]

  147. Trigonometry Handwritten Notes PDF with Shortcuts in Hindi

  148. Free-Book: Paramount Physics Notes for RRB ALP Exam [PDF]

  149. February 2018 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [Download PDF]

  150. Free-Book: Chemistry Notes for RRB ALP Exam [PDF Download]

  151. Quiz-3: Math Quant Questions for RRB ALP Group D [PDF]

  152. January 2018 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [Download PDF]

  153. Quiz-2: Reasoning Questions for RRB ALP Group D [PDF]

  154. All Computer Abbreviations (Full Forms) for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  155. Free Download YOJANA Magazine March 2018 [ PDF ]

  156. India Yearbook 2018 PDF Short Notes – All in One [PDF]

  157. Railways RRB ALP & Group ‘D’ MATH Practice Mock Test [PDF]

  158. Pratiyogita Darpan Handwritten GK Capsule in Hindi [PDF]

  159. SSC Math 2000+ Objective Questions MCQs in Hindi [PDF]

  160. Free-Book: RRB ALP Reasoning eBook Study Material [PDF]

  161. Best Biology GK Notes in Hindi for SSC CGL [PDF]

  162. SSC CGL AAO Paper-4 ACCOUNTS Study Material [PDF]

  163. SSC CGL AAO Paper-4 ECONOMICS Study Material [PDF]

  164. SSC JE (Junior Engineer) 2016 Final Result – Download List PDF

  165. Time Speed and Distance Notes & Tricks for RRB ALP [PDF]

  166. SSC CGL 2017 TIER-2 English Question Asked All in One [PDF]

  167. Quiz-1: Science GK Questions for RRB ALP Group D [PDF]

  168. Ultimate Handwritten English Grammar TENSES Notes in Hindi [PDF]

  169. ALGEBRA Formulas Notes & Shortcuts for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  170. Number Series Tricks & Examples for SBI CLERK 2018 [PDF]

  171. All Important INTERNATIONAL Events of 2017 – Current Affairs [PDF]

  172. SSC CHSL Last Year REASONING Questions in Hindi & English [PDF]

  173. SSC CHSL 2010 SOLVED Previous Year Paper-1 [PDF] – 28.11.2010

  174. All Important National Events of 2017 – Current Affairs [PDF]

  175. Algebra, Square and Cube Roots Questions SSC Exam [PDF]

  176. SSC CHSL 2010 SOLVED Previous Year Paper-2 [PDF] – 28.11.2010

  177. Important GK Notes for RAILWAY RRB Group D Exam [PDF]

  178. SSC CHSL 2010 SOLVED Previous Year Paper [PDF]

  179. List of All PMs and Presidents of India with Expected Questions [PDF]

  180. SSC CHSL 2009 SOLVED Previous Year Paper [PDF]

  181. Basic English Grammar Full Capsule for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  182. SSC CPO 2017 Paper-2 Full Question Paper with Solutions [PDF]

  183. Free Download YOJANA Magazine February 2018 [ PDF ]

  184. SSC CHSL 2008 SOLVED Previous Year Paper [PDF]

  185. Math MCQ Question Bank for SSC and IBPS Exams [PDF]

  186. SSC CGL & CHSL HISTORY GK Previous Year Questions [PDF]

  187. Ultimate Tricks to Solve Percentage Questions [PDF] – Must Download

  188. SSC CHSL 2016 : Full Question Paper with Hints & Solutions [PDF]

  189. RRB ALP Technician Syllabus and Exam Pattern [PDF]

  190. Important General Science Notes for SSC CHSL Exam [PDF]

  191. Corrective Exam Dates Notice for SSC CHSL 2017 Tier-1

  192. Important GK Questions with Solutions for SSC CHSL 2018 [PDF]

  193. Top Reasoning Ability Questions with Answers [PDF]

  194. New Updated SSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 [PDF]

  195. Important Highlights Union Budget 2018-19 – Download PDF

  196. Free Download YOJANA Magazine January 2018 [ PDF ]

  197. Handwritten General Science Notes in Hindi [PDF]

  198. Free Download YOJANA Magazine December 2017 [ PDF ]

  199. English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning eBook PDF

  200. SSC CHSL 2018 Special Practice Paper with Solutions [PDF]

  201. Free GK Question Quiz for SSC CHSL 2018 [PDF]

  202. Download Maths Class Notes of S S Bharti [PDF]

  203. Mixture and Alligation Questions with Tricky Solutions [PDF]

  204. Math Class Notes of Rakesh Yadav Sir in English [PDF]

  205. KD CAMPUS English Grammar Class Notes [PDF]

  206. Complete SSC CGL Tier-2 ENGLISH GRAMMAR Guide [PDF]

  207. Spotting Error Tricks with 300 Previous Year Questions [PDF] – MUST

  208. Important AVERAGE Solved Questions Hindi PDF Download

  209. December 2017 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [Download PDF]

  210. SSC CGL 2016 Economics Question Asked in Exam [PDF Download]

  211. Free-Book: Summarized Timeline of Indian History – All in One [PDF]

  212. November-2017 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [Download PDF]

  213. SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 Asked GK All Shift Questions [PDF] – English

  214. SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 Asked GK All Shift Questions [PDF] – Hindi

  215. SSC Annual Exam Calendar 2018-2019 [PDF Download]

  216. SSC CGL 2016 History Question Asked in Exam [PDF Download]

  217. SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 Asked Math All Shift Questions [PDF]

  218. SSC CGL 2015 Tier-2 ENGLISH Solved Exam Question Paper [PDF]

  219. SSC CGL 2015 Tier-2 MATH Solved Exam Question Paper [PDF]

  220. Download English Grammar Notes & Practice Questions [PDF]

  221. Free-Book: Word Power Made Easy by Norman [PDF Download]

  222. RBI Assistant Prelims 2017 Result Out – Download PDF List

  223. Download SSC Syllogism Notes & Questions by DAS Sir – PDF

  224. Download Number System SSC CGL Tier-2 Special QUIZ [PDF]

  225. Download Basic Computer Capsule for SSC & Competitive Exam [PDF]

  226. Free Download YOJANA Magazine November 2017 – HINDI [ PDF ]

  227. Handwritten TRIGONOMETRY Math Shortcuts & Notes [PDF Download]

  228. Best Concept Notes to Solve Syllogism Questions [PDF]

  229. October-2017 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [Download PDF]

  230. GA Questions Asked in SBI PO 2017 for IBPS PO 2017 [Important PDF]

  231. Download Handwritten English Grammar for SSC & Bank [PDF]

  232. BIOLOGY Summary Notes for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  233. SSC CHSL(10+2) 2017 Recruitment Notice Out [PDF]

  234. UIIC Assistant Mains Exam Result Out [PDF]

  235. SSC Exams Calendar 2018-19 Out [PDF Download]

  236. SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 GK Questions Asked Collection [PDF]

  237. Important 500 General Science One Liner Questions with Answers [PDF]

  238. Use of Articles (A, An, The) English Grammar Notes [Download PDF]

  239. ALGEBRA Handwritten Math Notes for SSC CGL & IBPS [PDF]

  240. Download SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 Rank Wise Marks for All [PDF]

  241. IBPS RRB Officer Mains Questions Asked (5-11-2017) – [PDF]

  242. Download Handwritten Reasoning Notes for SSC Exams [PDF]

  243. SSC CPO 2016 Central Region Nomination List [PDF]

  244. Download Important Topicwise GK Capsule September 2017 [PDF]

  245. One Word Substitution Bilingual Asked in SSC Exams till 2017 [PDF]

  246. NUMBER SYSTEM Question Bank for SSC CGL TIER-2 [PDF]

  247. August-2017 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [PDF]

  248. IBPS PO Practice Computer Test – 10 Questions [PDF]

  249. Most Important GST Questions for IBPS Exams [PDF]

  250. Quant Topic Wise Solved Paper for IBPS – Pre & Mains [PDF]

  251. AVERAGE Math Shortcuts & Notes with Solved Examples [PDF]

  252. Number Series Previously Asked Questions in SSC Exams [PDF]

  253. Idioms and Phrases PDF Asked in SSC Exams

  254. All Antonyms Asked in SSC Exams (1997 – 2016) [PDF]

  255. Free-Book: Math Formulas Tricks & Shortcuts for SSC CGL [PDF]

  256. Math Trigonometry Practice Exercise for SSC CGL [PDF]

  257. Simple & Compound Interest Concept Notes – [PDF]

  258. Download Important Handwritten General Science Notes [PDF]

  259. Handwritten Modi Government Yojna Summary Notes [PDF]

  260. SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Exam Pattern and Syllabus [PDF]

  261. Important English Words with Hindi Meaning [PDF]

  262. Notice: Revised SSC Exams Official Date Calendar [PDF]

  263. SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Math Previous Year Questions [PDF]

  264. Free-Books: Kiran’s Bank PO Reasoning Chapterwise Solved Papers [PDF]

  265. Handwritten Math Average (औसत) Notes with Solved Examples [PDF]

  266. July-2017 : The Hindu GK Review of the Month [PDF]

  267. All Odd One Out Previous Year Questions SSC Exams [PDF]

  268. SSC CGL 2017 : All Math Questions Asked in Tier-1 Exam [PDF]

  269. Antonyms with HINDI Meaning Asked in SSC Exams till 2016 [PDF]

  270. Download Pratiyogita Darpan July 2017 – Handwritten Notes [PDF]

  271. Highest, Largest & Longest in India [PDF]

  272. Highest, Largest & Longest in World [PDF]

  273. Download Previous Year BIOLOGY Questions for SSC CGL [PDF]

  274. Download 35 Mock Test for SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 [PDF]

  275. Synonyms with HINDI Meaning Asked in SSC Exams till 2016 [PDF]

  276. Download Previous Year CHEMISTRY Questions for SSC CGL [PDF]

  277. One Word Substitution with HINDI Meaning Asked in SSC Exams till 2016 [PDF]

  278. Download Physics Previous Year Questions for SSC[PDF]

  279. Download 1000 GK Questions for SSC CGL 2017 [PDF]

  280. SSC CGL Tier-1 Previous 5 Year Cut Offs till 2016 [PDF]

  281. SSC CGL 2017 Model Question Paper New Pattern with Solution [PDF]

  282. Best Vocabulary Root Words Guide for SSC CGL 2017 [PDF]

  283. Advance 1300 Math Formuals & Shortcuts for SSC CGL [PDF]

  284. 150 Computer Questions Previously Asked in SSC [PDF]

  285. Free-Book: Kiran’s One Liner Approach General Knowledge [PDF]

  286. Free-Book: A Mirror of Common Errors by A. K. Singh PDF

  287. Hindi Advance Math Question Bank for SSC CGL [PDF]

  288. SSC CHSL 2016 (Tier-1) Questions Asked on 20th January [PDF]

  289. SSC CHSL 2016 (Tier-1) Questions Asked on 19th January [PDF]

  290. 100 Golden Mind Math Methods for Easy Math Learning [PDF]

  291. SSC CHSL 2016 (Tier-1) Questions Asked on 11th January [PDF]

  292. SSC CHSL 2016 (Tier-1) Questions Asked on 10th January [PDF]

  293. SSC CHSL 2016 (Tier-1) Questions Asked on 9th January [PDF]

  294. SSC CHSL 2016 (Tier-1) Questions Asked on 8th January [PDF]

  295. SSC CHSL 2016 (Tier-1) Questions Asked on 7th January [PDF]

  296. Free-Book: Kiran’s Railway Non Technical CBT Question Bank [PDF]

  297. Top 100 Grammar Tricks of Error Detection & Sentence Improvement [PDF]

  298. All Synonyms Asked in SSC Exams (1997 – 2016) – [PDF]

  299. Rules to Score High in Letter Writing for CGL (Tier 3) – [PDF]

  300. One Word Substitution PDF Previously Asked in SSC Exams

  301. January to September 2016 : Awards & Honours [PDF]

  302. Triangle & Properties Math Formulas and Shortcut Tricks [PDF]

  303. Ecology and Environment Study Material for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  304. Free-Book: Time & Work Notes PDF with Solved Examples [PDF]

  305. Free-Book: Paramount SSC CGL Tier-2 Test Series for Math & English [PDF]

  306. Linear Equations in One & Two Variables Notes and Solved Examples [PDF]

  307. Important Questions & Notes from Rio Olympics 2016 for Competitive Exams [PDF]

  308. January to June 2016 : Important Events & Current Affairs [PDF]

  309. Important Geography Notes Capsule for SSC CGL [PDF]

  310. Free-Book: English Idioms & Phrasal Verbs with Hindi Meaning [PDF]

  311. Shortcuts for Solving Square Roots & Cube Roots Problems [PDF]

  312. TOP 100 GK (SPORTS) Questions for Competitive Exams 2016-17 [PDF]

  313. Math Capsule : Topic Wise Tips and Tricks PDF for all Chapters

  314. [PDF] Lucent GK PDF e-Book Download in Hindi

  315. RRB NTPC Mock Practice Paper PDF with Solutions [PDF]