Important General Science Notes for SSC CHSL Exam [PDF]

SSC CHSL Study Notes General Science in PDF - Exam Tyaari

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In this post we are sharing some important one liner notes from general science section of SSC CHSL syllabus. These one liner notes can diretcly be framed as questions or MCQs in the exam question papers.

Important general science gk notes are must for all the aspirants of SSC CHSL 2018. All the aspirants can go through once and remember them. If you want to keep these one lines points for revision at later point of time. No problem, we got a pdf to download with this.

This  pdf is very important from exam point of view. All the aspirants of ssc chsl can download the pdf from the red button below.

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SSC CHSL Special General Science Study Notes  – PDF Download

► Dr. Edward Teller – U.S nuclear scientist who developed the hydrogen bomb.

► Edwar Jenner – British scientist, born in 1749. He discovered the vaccination of smallpox. 

► Sir Henry Bessemer – A British engineer who invented the process for the manufacture of steel. 

► Sodium bicarbonate produces carbon dioxide gas on heating which ferments the bread. That’s way sodium bicarbonate is used in baking soda.

► Pure water is a bad conductor of electricity. Hence small quantity of an acid or a base is added to it to make it a good conductor before its electrical analysis.

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