Important GK Questions with Solutions for SSC CHSL 2018 [PDF]

GK Question for SSC CHSL 2018  - Download Free Study PDF

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Now on we are starting the series of quiz on the upcoming exams. In these quizes, we are going to share the important and expected questions all the aspirants must prepare. The consolidated PDF link will also be given to download all the post questions.

Here we are sharing SSC CHSL 2018 important GK GS questions with their answers. All the aspirants can go through once and remember them. If you want to keep these questions for revision at later point of time. No problem, we got a pdf to download with this.

This GK questions quiz pdf is very important from exam point of view. All the aspirants of ssc chsl can download the pdf from the red button below.


SSC CHSL 2018 General Knowledge (GK) Questions  – PDF Download

Question-1. Polymer called PET is used to make Plastic Bottles. What is the Full form of PET?
(A) Polyethylene terephthalate
(B) Polyethyl terelene
(C) Polyethylene triphosphate
(D) Polyethyl tetrachloride

Question-2. What HTTP in computer science stands for?
(A) HyperText Transmission Protocol
(B) HyperText Transfer Protocol
(C) HyperText Technology Protocol
(D) HyperText Total Protocol

Question-3. Whom the leaning temple of Huma is dedicated?
(a) Hanuman
(b) Shiva
(c) Rama
(d) Krishna

Question-4. What is the value of acceleration at the center of the earth due to gravity?
(a) ­1
(b) 0
(c) 1
(d) Infinity

Question-5. CPIM is a India based political party. What “CPI­M” stands for?
(a) Common Party of India (Marxist)
(b) Common Party of India (Movement)
(c) Communist Party of India (Movement)
(d) Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Question-6. Which of the following institutional body in India acts as ‘lender of the last resort’?
(a) Finance Ministry
(b) Reserve Bank of India
(c) Treasury
(d) Currency Printing Presses

Question-7. Name the international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer from CFCs.
(a) Sigma protocol
(b) Montreal protocol
(c) Ozone protocol
(d) Green protocol

Question-8. ______ is the time taken by the earth to return to a given point in its orbit with reference to a fixed star.

(a) Lunar year
(b) Sidereal year
(c) Solar year
(d) Tropical year

Question-9. Who were the first among the following to establish trade relations with India?

(a) Dutch
(b) French
(c) English
(d) Portuguese

Question-10. Which of following is true if the Government monetized part of its deficit?

(a) Money supply in the economy will increase.
(b) Interest rate will increase.
(c) Government revenue will decrease.
(d) Government expenditure will increase.

Question-11. Non­green plants lack which of the following?
(a) Chlorophyll(क्लोरोफिल)
(b) Lycophyll(लाइकोफिल)
(c) Cyanophyll(स्योनोफिल)
(d) Phototropism(फोटोट्रॉपिज्म)

Question-12. Melghat Tiger Reserve is in which state?
(a) Maharashtra(महाराष्ट्र)
(b) Rajasthan(राजस्थान)
(c) Arunachal Pradesh(अरुणाचल प्रदेश)
(d) Uttarakhand(उत्तराखंड)

Question-13. who Invented the FM Radio?
(a) Edwin Howard Armstrong(एडविन हावर्ड आर्मस्ट्रांग)
(b) John Barber(जॉन बार्बर)
(c) Edwin Beard Budding(एडविन बियर्ड बडिंग)
(d) Nicholas Callan(निकोलस कॉलन)

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