SSC CGL-2016 Tier-2 Questions Asked on 30th November [PDF]

SSC CGL-2016 Tier-2 All Questions Asked on 30th November [PDF Download] - Exam Tyaari
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Here we brought to you the questions asked on 30th Novemeber 2016 in SSC CGL 2016 Tier-2 Exam. The Math and English Questions asked has been updated here and more detailed are given in PDF.

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Math Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 Tier-2 (30-Nov-2016)

1.                 Question from Trigonometry: Tan^4Q + Tan^2Q =1 than
Cos^4Q + Cos^2Q = ?
2.                 Area maximum when perimeter equal? circle, square, triangle
3.                 If P=99 find P( p^2+3p+3)
4.                 Find no. of sides of regular polygon. When total surface area,volume,and area of two sides are given. 
5.                 Sum of square of three no is 323.sum of square of two no. Is equal to the twice of third. Find the product of three no. 
6.                 Find CI of 4000 for 4 year at 10 %rate 
7.                 Find. (1+sec20+cot70)(1-cosec20+tan70..
8.                 CI difference is 723 at 20% for a yearly or half yearly basis.Find the Sum.
9.                 If x=1+√2+√3, then 2×4 – 4×3 -5×2 +26x – 28 = ?

English Questions asked in CGL 2016 Tier-2 (30-Nov-2016)

1.                 Apathy Antonym
2.                 Mitigate Antonym
3.                 Ineffable Synonym
4.                 Elegance Synonym
5.                 Study of culture is called?
6.                 Espionage- one word substitution
7.                 Too many chiefs and not enough Indians (Idiom)
8.                 Go to rack and ruin. (Idioms)
9.                 A chip on one’s shoulder. (Idioms)
10.            Gentleman At Large. (Idioms)
11.            Fall Back On  (Idioms)
12.            When I visited/my grandpa and grandma’s house/ I found their        missing./no error
13.            Due to negligence  /he failed  /in examination/ne 

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