Best Shortcut Tricks For Percentage Problems [PDF]

Percentage in the Mathematics Section is always the most important and tough part of the exams. Shortcut Tricks For Percentage PDF brings you all the important tricks to solve percentage problems. These days all the government exam are more focused on math sections to provide good and tricky questions, and hence you need to practice hard with keeping all the shortcuts and tricks in mind.

Using shortcuts and tricks speeds up the question-solving process and hence the number of questions attempts while keeping the accuracy maintained. But the need of the time is to practice the questions and tricks well before the exam so that you don’t get confused anywhere in between solving the question. Here, we are sharing Percentage Shortcuts and Tricks to build concepts and solve Math problems during exams easily and quickly.

Important science Capsule PDF for all the aspirants of SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, IBPS PO, Clerk, SBI PO & Clerk Exams. Also, Railway RRB and other banks exam’s aspirants can study for this guide.

Class Notes PDF

Shortcut 1: 
If we increased any value by x % and then decreased by y %. Then the resulting effect in percent will be:  “+ x + y + xy /100”.
Example 1:  The price of goods is marked 20% more than the real price by the shopkeeper. After that, the shopkeeper allowed a discount of 10%. Now, What profit or loss did the shopkeeper will get?
Solution: We solve this using the percentage shortcut as follow:
The Loss (or) Profit he will get is = 20 – 10 + (+20)(-10)/100 = + 8% (profit).
Do remember that Profit is ‘+’ Sign and Loss is ‘-‘ Sign.

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