Rakesh Yadav Percentage Class Notes with 84 Examples [PDF]

Percentage shortcut tricks and Solved Examples in pdf - exam tyaari

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The percentage is an important scoring part of the math section in the exams. It’s very important to learn the percentage shortcuts and tricks to get rid of long calculations and accuracy. This class notes pdf includes the well explained math notes from Rakesh Yadav sir class with solved examples.

Rakesh Yadav Maths Notes are itself a credible source to trust on for scoring good marks in the exam. This PDF includes all the important tricks, notes and formulas of percentage with 84 solved examples based on the recent exam occurrence.

This is a recommended download for all the aspirants of SSC and IBPS bank exams. It will take you through some important quick shortcuts of percentage problems.

Other Class Notes PDF for SSC CGL

This class percentage notes pdf is very important from exam point of view. All the aspirants of SSC CGL, IBPS and Bank exam can download the pdf from the red button below.

Rakesh Yadav Handwritten Class Notes Percentage – PDF Download

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Pages: 30

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  1. एक चुनाव मै दो पृत्याशी थे तथा 10000 लोगो ने वोट नही डाला तथा 75% वोट मान्य है और एक पृत्याशी 2250 वोटों से जीत गया तथा दूसरे पृत्याशी को कुल वोटों का 18% वोट मिला हो तो कुल कितने मतदाता थे
    Please koi bhai jald hii solve kar dena


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