Is SSC CGL 2018 Can be Delayed or Not?

Is SSC CGL 2018 Notification Can be Delayed or Not? - Exam Tyaari

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One of the biggest question for the aspirants of CGLE 2018 exam aspirants are, Will SSC CGL 2018 Notification published on time or not.
As the SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 exam is completed but still under a question mark, there are a lot of questions arising regarding the SSC CGL 2018.

This post is a result of quora question answered by a lot of SSC CGL 2017 qualifiers and CGLE 2018 aspirants.

is CGLE 2018 can be delayed due to the #SSCScam Protest?

Kanishk Raj, Who Cleared SSC CGL Pre in 2017, awaiting for mains result Wrote:

SSC chairman have clearly said that they will not publish result of 2017 cgl mains till the CBI enquiry is completed . If the CBI founds any evidence of mass scale cheating in the exam , the the cgl 2017 tier 2 exam have to be conducted again.
This will adversely affect the time table of cgle 2018 exam . So , according to me it will be delayed for atleast a month or so.
But be careful don’t give up you preparations . As it gives you an opportunity to score very good score in tier 1 exam .
All the best .

– Harshit Shukla, TOP EDUCATOR at Unacademy (2017-present) Wrote:

Recent RTI REPLY says that CGL 18 Notification will come as per calendar i.e. In April.
So be prepare for the next big battle.
Feel free to ask any queries.

– Yashohit Shukla, studied at Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur Wrote:

I think most probably cgl will be delayed by 1–2 months here is the convincing reason of that.
1. The protest by SSC aspirants against SSCSCAM coerced the staff for a CBI enquiry after evidences of cheating in Tier-2 Exam in certain Exam centres which clearly means the whole conduction of SSC CGL 2017 Exam will have to undergo thorough investigation which is a time taking process in itself.
2. Reexam on 9th March 2018 which was conducted on 17th February and 21st February 2018 previously will surely delayed the result.
4. Political Interruption by other parties who are now out with their so called support for victimized aspirants to blame existing govt and the status quo of SSC Staff but all this might lead in delaying upcoming SSC CGL 2018 Exam.
But at the same time it is not ensured that for how many months SSC CGL 2018 will be delayed, it can be one month or two months but one thing to ensure is that SSC CGL 2018 will be conducted at any cost as SSC Current Chairman Ashim Khurana himself made a responsible proclamation assuring that SSC CGL 2018 is likely is to be held in upcoming months so SSC CGL 2018 can be held in August after possible delaying in the Exam.

As always, the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) board is unpredictable in this regard, we can only wait and watch.
but the most common scenario looking at the above opinions is, we can notice a delay in SSC CGL 2018.


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